Thursday, October 11, 2018 11:24:47 PM America/New_York

Short Sassy Diva HairStyles For All

Short hair can be a lot more realistic and manageable for some women. Celebrity hairstyles short and simple are exactly what you need to inspire yourself to take the plunge and realize less may be more. Candidates for short cuts are those that are not afraid to put their best face forward.  Here are some short styles from some beautiful female celebrities.

1. Victoria Beckham

This former Spice Girl is always under scrutiny for her fabulous style and her attitude of not being able to push the fashion envelope. We love the jagged, asymmetrical layers of this cut and her choice to go light blonde. This style is a bit different than her typical darker locks, but it is a fun change and something that a lot of ladies can realistically get and maintain without putting a big dent in their overall budget.

2. Miley Cyrus

You have to give Miley Cyrus some credit for not being afraid to ditch her typical super long hair of her early career and go with this boy cut inspired pixie cut. This short cut is edgy and can work with all types of color combinations. This is a lot shorter than most women are used to but it is low maintenance. Adding some highlights or lowlights can add vibrancy. This is a style that can be washed and then a dime sized amount of styling product and you are ready to go out the door.

3. Tyra Banks

Tyra is another celebrity that we have seen so much with long hair over the years that seeing her with a shorter look is breathtaking but takes a bit of getting used to. Regardless of this, it is impossible not to love this boyish layered cut and all its attention to texture in the front. Caramel highlights capture and mesmerize. This look favors those with fine bone structure and high cheekbones.

4. Martina McBride

This county music diva has an enviable short cut. The just below the ear-skimming layers are gorgeous. We love the attention paid to making the bangs layered and choppy. To get the volume and body on top that Martina has you will need a medium sized barrel curling iron or if you are worried about using higher heat on your hair you can achieve the same thing with a quality round brush, hairdryer, and your favorite product for holding hair in place.

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6 Most Popular European Hairstyles

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 11:45:52 PM America/New_York

6 Most Popular European Hairstyles

If you're looking for a new hairstyle that's fashion forward, take a look across the Atlantic Ocean to see some of the hairstyles Europe has come up with lately. In addition to being home to several prominent fashion centers like Paris and Milan, Europe has so many different countries and cultures, making it easy to find new and inventive styles. If you're interested in a new look that's crazy and creative, check out these Popular European hairstyles.

1. Bob Cut

Sometimes, it's best to go with something that's short, sweet, and simple. The bob cut makes things a little easier to manage while still opening the door for some creativity. Even women with long hair are preferring to cut it short so they can go with a bob cut.

2. Short Pixie

Just about anybody has the kind of hair to turn into a short pixie cut. This is another hairstyle that's short and to the point, not to mention easy to manage. You may have noticed some Hollywood starlets like Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway rocking the short pixie recently. It's definitely a hairstyle that's trending upwards.

3. Low Ponytail with Parted Hair

Ponytails never go out of style, in part because you can do just about anything you want with them. Parting your hair in the front but maintaining a long ponytail in the back is turning out to be an interesting combination.

4. Jasmine Ponytail

Even if you're not old enough to remember the movie Aladdin, it's still possible to copy the hairstyle of the Arabian princess in the movie. This style is a little more complicated than the typical ponytail because it involves placing ribbons a few times on the way down. But the end product looks great and adds great volume to your hair, something that's hard to do with most ponytails.

5. Twisted Braids

Another one that's a little complicated to make happen, but once it's done it looks fantastic. Any woman with long hair can twist up her braids, and from there, the possibilities are endless, although most women choose to just let them hang down in the back like a twisted, braided ponytail.

6. Braided Updo

Once the braids are in place, the fun begins. A braided updo can be a cool way to replicate a crown on top of your head, making it perfect for any occasion in which you want to feel like a princess. Even if it's not a special occasion, this is a hairstyle that just plain looks good.

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Romantic Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Sunday, October 7, 2018 10:34:51 PM America/New_York

Romantic Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

A beautiful hairstyle for short hair is well within your reach with a little planning. Short hair can help draw attention to your face and neckline which is something to consider when deciding what dress to buy. We think you will agree that what we have gathered here are some of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair.

1. Curly Chin Skimming Layers

This style is romantic yet casual and can be cut in more layers than what you see here if you want more definition or just a choppier look. This cut could be fabulous with a hair band, tiara, or crown. If you don’t have a bob like this now, then you might consider this look for your daily look because it is so easy to maintain and goes well from the office to out on the town.

2. Asymmetrical Chin Length Bob With Braid

We love this silky straight bob. The sleek elegance of this look may require some smoothing treatment on your part.There is also a clear version for those that just want a gloss treatment and are comfortable with their current color. The braid and lacy headband make this style ultra romantic and feminine. Let’s not forget the fact that it has a retro feel to it that is hard not to admire.

3. Half Up Half Down Volume

For those of us with fine hair, it can be a challenge to find short looks. This simple bob requires little in the way of styling beyond pulling back andteasing the front for some extra volume. This keeps hair away from the face and ears so you can display fabulous eyes and stunning earrings if you like! If you don’t want to pull hair just back, you could put it up in a higher pony and tease for more volume on top.

4. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut & Braid

This is one of the most amazing pixie cut looks we have seen. The braid helps keep hair where it needs to be and adds some girly charm to a cut that can sometimes seem more androgynous. Since this look is very dependent on good layering techniques, you will want to get it cut fairly close to your wedding date. The braid can be done yourself, but you will want to practice a few times before your big day.

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Hairstyles For Brunettes With Highlights

Thursday, September 27, 2018 10:08:59 PM America/New_York

9 Hairstyles For Brunettes With Highlights

Brunettes are some of the best candidates for highlights because they can wear the whole range of colors out there in some stunning combinations. Here are some hairstyles for brunettes with highlights that can go a long way.

1. Asymmetrical Bob With Red & Gold Highlights

Red hair color is popular but going all red is not the best look for everyone. This brunette bob offers a lot of sparkle with coppery red highlights and spun gold. For fans of short hair, this is a beautiful and low maintenance look.  Wash and wear hairstyles are not always this lovely and chic. The side swept bangs make this a posh and sharp looking little bob that would work well on practically any woman.

2. Beautiful Balayage

Hair color has come a long way, and balayage is a European trend that has changed the way a lot of women think about hair color. The whole range of chocolate and brown tones combined with blonde highlights can be stunning. Balayage is definitely custom color at its finest and looks a lot better than going for a very light all overlook when you are a natural brunette. Balayage is more expensive than other color but doesn’t require touch-ups every few months like another color so that needs to be considered.

3. Wavy Layers & Highlights

The stylist that did this deserves some recognition that is for sure. This heavily layered cut and gorgeous highlights frame the face perfectly. If you have an oval face shape or strong jawline, then this should be an easy look to pull off. Getting this highly defined texture and volume will take a few minutes to style in the morning, but the results will be well worth it. This style can be grown out to a much greater length as well.

4. Burnt Cherry Highlights

If you like some of the hot color trends that are out there but have been afraid to take the plunge, then this look might change your mind. While this red color is a bit out of the norm, it is not so much that it does not work friendly or too attention grabbing. The asymmetrical cut is charming and a good choice for thick hair with a lot of volumes. If you have lighter brown hair, this could also work or the color changed a little bit to accommodate.

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10 Trendy Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women Over 30

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 10:44:24 PM America/New_York

10 Trendy Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women Over 30

Style options when you are over 30 are plentiful. While we have a stunning list of styles here for you to look over, there are a lot more variations to try out. We believe our list can inspire you to realize what style is most suitable for you and your brand of beauty and fashion sense.  Now for our list of hairstyles for women over 30!

1. Mid-Length Wavy Bob

This bob is great for those of us that don't want a lot of hassle in the morning but want enough length to be able to style and go from the office to out on the town.A Stars such as Jennifer Lawrence have been seen with a variation of this look when making public appearances.

2. Sleek Shoulder Length Side Swept Cut

We love shoulder length hair because it is easy to keep looking sleek and gorgeous but is long enough to do a lot of fun stuff with. Add some fabulous highlights for drama and an edge that cannot be ignored.

3. Short Pixie Cut

Shorter pixie cuts can be a major help to busy gals. You can wear a lot of fun earrings with this cut and make good use of carefully placed streaks of color.A Pixies are seen on a lot of celebrities, and they can show off eyes. Carefully done makeup will help bring out your best features with this cut.

4. Long Layers

Layers always have a place in a list of hot and approachable hairstyles. If you are growing your hair out layers will make it look good throughout the whole process. Ladies with thick hair should familiarize themselves with layers for more comfort.

5. Razor Cuts

Cuts that are shaggy and hip right now are fine tuned with a razor comb. This inexpensive device makes it easy to maintain this look at home or as your hair grows out and you add more layers. If you plan on using a razor comb a lot, get one with replaceable blades.

6. Straight Shoulder Length With Bangs

Bangs are a trend that is here to stay. This lovely cut is perfect for those that want a length that they can use for an updo. Bangs draw others to your eyes and help hide wide foreheads and balance out a rounder face at the same time.

7. Asymmetrical Just Below The Chin Cut

Keira Knightly is amazing with this cut. This side swept style looks fabulous on those with straight and shiny hair. The longer in the front layers draws you in for sure! If you are busy and want something cute and face framing, then this is the look for you.

8. Balayage Color

Balayage is a method of highlighting that blends in as your hair grows out. These natural looking highlights blend into your hair as it grows out, so it looks stunning for a long time. The range of highlights and lowlights is amazing when you see it.

9. Top Messy Bun

This casual messy look is easy, and you can adorn it with hair accessories such as a happening set of hair sticks if you want. This is an fab look for the weekend and hanging out with friends or when running errands.

10. Long With Bangs

In your 30s there is no reason to be shy about wearing your hair very long if you can get the length. Those that crave super long but can't seem to grow it out can turn to hair extensions for a super long look. Bangs add definition to gorgeous eyes.

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8 of the coolest pixie cuts ever

Thursday, September 20, 2018 10:37:33 PM America/New_York

8 of the coolest pixie cuts ever

If you're considering short hair, the pixie cut is officially where it's at for 2018. Yup, some of our fave a -listers, including Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry have embraced a super short pixie haircut this year, so why not join us?

1. Emma Willis

Emma Willis is the queen of short hair and we have been loving the slightly grown out, pixi quiff, she has been rocking for the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother.

2. Kate Hudson

After shaving all her hair off for a film role, Kate Hudson has been rocking her grown out buzzcut.

3. Scarlett Johansson

Proving that short hair has just as many styling options as long hair, Scarlett has worn her crop in every which way possible. From messy bed hair, to slicked back red carpet glamour.

4. Blake Lively

Don't freak out.Blake Lively didn't just chop off her hair and dye it dark brown. The new look is actually a shot from her latest film, The Rhythm Section.

5. Cara Delevingne

No stranger to hair transformations, Cara has grown out her buzzcut and is now rocking a brunette pixie 'do.

6. Kristen Stewart

Kristen's been giving us major 90s vibes with the bleach-blonde tips.

7. Robin Wright

If this picture of the House of Cards actress doesn't make you want to go for the chop, we don't know what will.

8. Katy Perry

The platinum pixie cut is having a moment right now, and Katy Perry's choppy crop is leading the charge.

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6 bob hairstyles that'll convince you to go for the chop

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 11:06:13 PM America/New_York

6 bob hairstyles that'll convince you to go for the chop

Now is the time to be brave and embrace a super-short hairstyle.Yup, bobbed haircuts are officially here to stay, and the chin-skimming styles are a winner regardless of your hair type. Whether you have thick hair or fine, we've rounded up all the celebrity inspiration you'll need to find that beaut new bob.

1. Lana Condor

2.Kim Kardashian

Kim switches up her hair more often than we switch up our Tinder profile, but she's been sticking with her bum skimming hair for a while now. However this blunt ,chic bob just might be our favourite look on her yet.

3. Emma Roberts

Celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan took to Instagram to share a picture of Emma's latest 'do and it might just be the shortest, most chicest bob we've seen. Captioning it "The New Short", we predict we're going to see this hairline bob everywhere.

4. Emilia Clarke

Emilia took to Instagram to reveal that she was forced to go for the chop after bleaching her hair for the final series of Game of Thrones. Emilia's resulting haircut has us wanting to book a salon appointment immediately.

5. Ashley Graham

Showing her dedication to the 2018 Met Gala, Ashley Graham took to her Instagram stories to reveal that she had gone for the chop specifically for the event. But it paid off because we love her Kim K inspired sleek bob.

6. Dua Lipa

In a move that has us phoning round our local hairdressers to see when we can get the earliest appointment, Dua Lipa has cut her hair into the chicest choppy bob.

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7 Celebrities With Gorgeous Gray Hairstyles

Sunday, September 16, 2018 10:50:17 PM America/New_York

7 Celebrities With Gorgeous Gray Hairstyles

There's a reason so many young women are choosing to dye their hair shades of silver. It looks amazing. If you're thinking of embracing the grays you're getting, look to these celebrities for chic and flattering looks that won't age you a day.

1. Short and Silver

By far, the easiest way to go gray is to get a short cut. The silver will naturally blend in with your hair color as your hair grows.

2. Steel Gray

There's gray, and then there's a deep, rich steel gray. Thanks to Cicely Tyson's chic bob, we can see just how graceful it looks.

3. Silver Pompadour

Gray can make hair appear a bit thinner than it previously looked. If your hair is already on the fine side, consider a sassy short cut like Sarah Moyle's.

4. Sleek White

Flyaways are more noticeable with gray hair, it creates a sleek look for Linda Fargo's.

5. Chic Streak

Many women who start going gray at a younger age immediately reach for the dye, but you also have the option of making it your signature look, much like Stacy London has done for many years with her stunning silver streak.

6. Gray Highlights

If you have some gray but most of your original color is intact, a colorist can turn your grays into highlights like Meryl Streep's.

7. Platinum Pixie

Short, gray hair doesn't have to look or feel "old." Just look at Judi Dench! Her playful pixie cut in almost-white has a slight messiness to it that reads more fun than frumpy.

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9 Cool Haircuts That Will Actually Make You Excited for Fall

Thursday, September 13, 2018 10:50:00 PM America/New_York

9 Cool Haircuts That Will Actually Make You Excited for Fall

Our footsteps have entered the autumn,how can the haircut not come a bit change. Keep scrolling for the 9 haircuts you need to know about this season. Now, it's just up to you to decide which one to fall for.

1. Baby Bangs

A tad avant-garde, the look of sheared baby bangs isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. That being said, the cut is having a non-negotiable moment this fall. And while we first noticed the look on high-fashion runways (it's inherent edge practically drips haute couture), it's simultaneously merged seamlessly into the realm of the A-list.

2. Fluffed & Feathery

Model Jourdan Dunn is one of our all-time favorite hair chameleons and never fails when it comes to delivering a new jaw-dropping haircut. Though she does experiment with length, she's been wearing this chin-grazing cut consistently. Fluffed and perfectly feathered at the bottom (but not so much to appear stringy or in a way that sacrifices her gorgeous volume), her cozy take on the bob signature is well worth noting.

3. Charlie's Angel

Victoria's Secret Angel by day, Charlie's Angel by night. We're obsessed with Elsa Hosk's recent chop for a number of reasons. A) It nails the perfect mid-length for those who might want to go shorter but don't want to sacrifice completely. (Tell your stylist to shoot for the collarbone or even one to two inches below.) And B) it mimics the quintessential face-framing fringe synonymous with the original cast of Charlie's Angels circa the '70s—think Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Jill Munroe vibes. Hosk's abbreviated length, however, keeps the haircut modern and far from outdated.

4. The Pin-Tuck

What's interesting about this haircut on actress Madeline Brewer is that if the flip were reversed (and still paired with those Marcia Brady–esque pins), the vibe would feel very much '60s and '70s. Flipped under, however, the style completely changes its tune. We've seen multiple celebrities wearing this cut as of late and think it would look especially chic paired with a faux-fur jacket and knee-skimming boots. (What can we say? It just screams fall.)

5. Peter Pan Pixie

Ever since she shaved her head just over a year ago, Cara Delevingne has kept us riveted with her next best hair move. But this true pixie cut is one of our favorite moments, hands down. Whether or not you think she looks more Pan or Tink, it's hard to deny the fantastical, fairy-esque undertones of this fall-perfect cut. Bonus points if you go platinum.

6. Prim Part

Saoirse Ronan has been our ultimate beauty muse as of late, and while we've had an especially loving moment with her makeup MO, we're equally obsessed with her prim and pretty haircut. Feathered just enough at the tips to complement her fine texture, it's kept voluminous and interesting thanks to her deep-parted side of fringe and just the right amount of muss.

7. Cropped With Fringe

Ruby Rose just might be our favorite perpetual pixie due to how consistently versatile she proves the cut to be. Many people fear a pixie or shorter crop because they assume their styling options will be cut in half, but Rose's ever-evolving look has us convinced otherwise. Since fringe is going to be huge this season (and really, it's had a shining moment all year), we're loving her expert combination of the two: bangs plus super-short length is superbly chic.

8. Foolproof Face Frame

Despite the fact she continuously teases us on Instagram with wigs and strategic styling, we don't know if Emily Ratajkowski will ever actually wander from her trademark cut: effortless, face-framing layers. Not only is this haircut flawless, but it's also epically easy to style and maintain.

9. Length Fit for Fantasy

Take one look at the Kardashian and Jenner clan and you can probably guess their recent on-and-off commitment to Game of Thrones–esque length would take off into the stratospheres of trend-making. Sure enough, we've seen fantastically inspired length all over the red carpet recently (see Joan Smalls above!), and celebrity hairstylist Eloise Cheung even cited the cut as one to try before you die. If you're curious, we recommend one of two paths: a commitment to growing out your length with a lot of mini trims along the way (so your ends don't read scraggly) or opting for some ultra-long extensions. For sanity's sake, we'd probably recommend the latter.

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8 Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 11:30:50 PM America/New_York

8 Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

There's that never-ending argument over who has more fun:blondes or brunettes. Whether you're hoping to add dimension with highlights or simply update your brown base, these celebrities show us a variety of options to present to your colorist ot try at home.

1. Caramel Balayage

Sometimes, your brown hair just needs a minor update. Like Brooke Shields, you can add a touch of warmth to your hair with caramel highlights woven through the ends.

2. Sleek Streaks

A dark brown base looks great with light blonde highlights throughout. Take a note from Savannah Guthrie and get the best of both hair colors.

3. Blonde Babylights

Not sure about lightening up your hair? Follow Natalie Portman and start with a few face-framing ribbons of gold toward the front and ends.

4. Classic Caramel

You don't need the brightest blonde for extra dimension. As tennis powerhouse-turned-style icon Serena Williams shows us, richer gold ends make all the difference for a highlighted effect.

5. Almost Blonde

If it weren't for her dark brown roots, we'd guess Olivia Wilde had gone blonde. This ombré style is ideal for a fresh update on lighter brown hair.

6. Bronde

Is it blonde? Brunette? We can hardly tell the difference, as Jessica Alba has gold highlights that melt into her light brown base.

7. Honey-Colored Babylights

Jessica Biel's caramel-toffee hair is boosted, thanks to a few pieces of blonde throughout. Cameras flashing or not, her hair gets even better in the light.

8. Flashes of Brightness

In the right lighting, Sophia Bush's hair transforms from brunette to almost bronde. Her face-framing highlights aren't completely noticeable, but certainly do the trick for this trend

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