Top 7 Short Blonde Hair Ideas for a Chic Look in 2018

Blonde should never be boring, so we’ve compiled these amazing short blonde hair ideas for you to choose from to give your overall style new life! The key to success with this looks is to choose a hairstyle that fits or balances your face shape and a color that enhances your complexion. Keep it fresh by having fun with all your styling options – never be afraid to step outside the box!

1. The Cutest Short Blonde Bob

This lovely blonde beauty can be flattering on any face shape depending on how you style or highlight it. Side bangs would be a perfect choice if you don't want to deal with the grow-out stage, plus it allows for really versatile styling.

2. Perfectly Platinum Blonde for Short Hair

Who wouldn't want this incredible smooth and shiny icy blonde strands?! This high maintenance color suits cool undertones perfectly  and will need the right home care routine.

3. Blonde with  Rose Gold Highlights

What I love the most about this look would definitely be the colr. Fshion shades are something that most people shy away from for fear of them being "too funky"
A soft rose gold hair colr like this is suitable for a wider rage of ages and skin tones.Adding a little pop to your already blonde hair  is easy and can still be sassy and classy!

4. Very Short Hair  with Caramel Blonde

What is interesting with this look is a haircut that is timeless. I call it a long pixie cut. To add a dynamic haircut, it added a caramel blonde color with babylights and using balayage techniques for this lady.
This style is perfect for dynamic, busy women, or women who do not have a long time to regulate their hair. Just drying with a hairdryer and adding a little touch of hair wax simply change the order.

5. Honey Blonde Ear-Length Bob with Bangs

This is a punky bob. It's cut straight across with little choppy bangs for an edgy look. It also has a soft, graduated undercut at the nape that shows some off some textured bits at the neckline.
It is cut with a straight razor for a textured look throughout, but  there are no traditional layers which would take away from the dramatic square shape.

6. Textured White Blonde for Fine Hair

I would  describe this look as textured, lighthearted and fun! My favorite thing about this style would be how the color complements the haircut.
This look works well for people  with fine hair and limp hair. It will help to create dimension and depths between the texture and length. It's a quick and easy hairstyle for all types of hairstyles.

7. Silvery Blonde Pixie Cut

We love the smooth layers that show off the silvery blonde perfection of this pixie cut.