The 7 Hottest Short Celebrity Haircuts Right Now

Short hair is all about attitude and confidence. A woman with short hair comes off as incredibly striking, and it makes her seem liberated and comfortable in her skin. Here, the most favorable celebrity crops right now.

1. Emma Watson

Short cuts tend to look best on oval face shapes.Hairstylist swept the bangs to the side and added some height to the crown, which gives it a little more of an evening feel.

2. Halle Berry

Berry's piecey cut is edgy and feminine. To recreate it, ask for long, chunky layers at the top and more tailored pieces on the sides and in back.

3. Ashlee Simpson

This works for her because she needs a bit of hair around her face to balance out her small features without overpowering them. Make sure you tell your stylist to keep the bangs soft and the sides slightly squared off. It shouldn't be rounded out completely, or it will look like a full-on bowl cut.

4. Evan Rachel Wood

Wood's layered crop gives off a definite rock and roll vibe, with softness. When you have a strong jawline and cheekbones like hers, balance it out with closely cropped sides and dramatic height on top.

5. Ginnifer Goodwin

For a full-on rocker look like Goodwin's, ask your stylist to shave the sides and the back to punk it up a bit. But don't go too crazy: the shorter, shaved pieces should stay down at the very bottom, close to your ears and the nape of your neck.

6. Michelle Williams

When you have a fuller face, you need a little volume on top to elongate the shape rather than widening it. As Williams's cut shows, short bangs help break up the style in the middle of the forehead so it doesn't look too round.

7. Britt Maren

If you're not quite sure you want to commit to supershort hair, this one's for you. It's kind of like training wheels.