Finger Wave Styles For Any Hair Length

Finger wave hairstyles might be instantly associated with the 1920s or flapper culture, but this dramatic texture is making a big comeback in more modern looks. While the original finger wave styles were achieved by using your actual fingers and setting lotion to create the s-wave shape, modern women can get finger waves using a variety of heat styling tools. A few casual waves can be added with your flat iron, while a more dramatic, deep wave style will probably require a curling iron, pins, and at least a few hours. If you’re looking for ways to make this vintage glam texture a part of your modern mane, check out 30 of our favorite finger wave styles for all lengths of hair.

1. Sculpted Finger Wave Pixie

Glamour meets edge in this sculpted finger wave pixie that's perfect for ladies who love high fashion looks.

2. Finger Waves With Head Wrap

Finger waves can create a pure vintage glam style, but you can also use them in a more casual, modern look.

3. Lazy Finger Wave Bob

These lazy fingers waves sre a soft and romantic way to add some texture to your bob hairstyle, either for a more casual affair or as a bridal hairstyle complete with a citrus and floral wreath.

4. Low Updo With Finger Waves

If you want to add some finger waves to your bridal style without looking too retro, tyr this sophisticated low bun updo with soft finger wave textured added in.

5. Dramatic Finger Wave Curls

A triangle-shaped bob may be some women's worst nightmare, but a recent surge in popularity among celebrities and fashionistas is giving this unconventional shape a big boost.

6. Bridal Finger Wave Chignon

Wear finger wave texture with a classic bridal chignon for a style mixes vintage and modern perfectly enough to be appropriate for any wedding ceremony.

7. Long Silky Finger Waves

These luxurious finger waves have been sculpted to silky perfection, and look best on hair that's been styled with high-shine products.