Extraordinary Short  Straight Hairstyles That Are All the Buzz Right Now

Short hair exudes boldness, confidence, individuality and style. Straight hair is very modern-looking, chic, clean and neat.

It shows off the architecture of the haircut, hiding nothing. Combined, this kind of haircut speaks beauty and power. Here are short straight hairstyles that you can mix and match to create your own!

1. Short & Straight Pink Pixie

Transform the standard pixie cut into a chic edgy one! Pink hues offer a cool constrast and complements fair skins beautifully.

2. Sharp, Edgy & Sexy

I describe this look as sharp, edgy, and sexy. It  is such a trending length at the moment.

The thing I love most about this look is the fresh color and that you know her hair will look amazing straight or wavy.

3. Feminine, Fun and Friendly

This short style is feminine, fun, and trendy. It also really complements people's face.

My favorite thing about it is its versatility.It can be styled in a number of ways.It is darker brown through the short back area, while the top and front has warmer-toned foils.

4. Feminine Grey Pixie

This look is short but still feminine because stylists kept her feminine shape of the head.They chose to color her roots dark grey and ger lengths a very light grey.

I love dimension in short hairstyles to give that extra glow and shape

5. Universally Fierce

I love that this style is universal, trendy, and edgy. I think this look demands respect and is very fierce.

6. Soft & Bouncy

This short haircut is based on Vidal Sassoon's classic bob.Using the classicbob as the overall shape for this cut, added layers while shaping the bob. This creates the softness and adds much more movement around the outline and surface than the classic bob. It gives the effect of a lighter weight with added volume.