Best Haircuts and Styles for Oily Hair

While straight, short and/or thin hair tends to have a higher likelihood of looking greasy, no one is exempt from getting there. So, what can you do to still look your best?

If you are in hurry, using dry shampoo is a great way to hide oily hair. Distribute the dry shampoo on your scalp and allow it to work for about two minutes, then tousle or brush your hair to remove the rest. From there, here are a few ideas for styling your hair:

1. Slick back into a ponytail.
If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Brush hair back and upward into a high ponytail and then secure it with a hair elastic to complete this sleek look. For extra oomph, braid sections of your pony.

2. Cover it up.
Invest in a pretty silk scarf or a headband to cover greasy roots while looking trendy at the same time.

3. Wave grease goodbye.
Textured, wavy hair is the best way to hide unwashed roots. Oil travels easily down straight hair, but a little wave can prevent that. Embrace your texture by spritzing your hair with a wave spray to achieve sexy bedhead with zero effort. If your hair needs it, use a curling iron to add a few additional loose waves.

4. Go halfway up.
The half-up bun was created for days with no time for a wash. Prep strands with a dry shampoo for volume and thickness, then section off the top section and pull it back into a messy topknot. Secure with a few pins, then loosen a few strands for an undone finish.

5. Sleep with twists.
Prevent greasy-looking bedhead while achieving a soft wave and volume by sleeping with your strands in loose twists. In the morning, tousle hair and add a bit more dry shampoo to finish the look.