7 Classic Haircuts That Look Amazing at Any Age

If you haven't heard, the term "anti-aging" is no longer part of our vocabulary here.It's dead and gone — yes, like that Justin Timberlake song — and with it, the archaic misconception that women can only wear a certain haircut at a "suitable" age. So go ahead and toss what society has told you out the window, because despite what you, me, and the generations before us were conditioned to believe, one's ability to own a specific cut or style has absolutely zilch to do with age. There are several other factors involved like hair type or texture and what face shape you have, but whether you're in your 20s or your 70s — consider that information. Don't believe us? These celebrity cut are sure to prove otherwise.

1. Bangs: Long and Soft

All three hairstylists assure that this is one of the most complementary cuts out there for all ages. Who woulda' thought that everyone's hair nightmare from childhood could actually be so versatile?

2. Bangs: Sideswept

Bangs and botox, clarifying that many of mature clients have been coming in for fringe as a means of camouflaging any forehead wrinkles or fine lines they're not happy with.

3. Bangs: On a Curve

Goldie Hawn has worn her hair with bangs for pretty much the entirety of her career, and you know what? She's still slaying in them. Pro tip for mature women: Saviano advises against thick, blunt bangs or any sharp lines, and instead opting for a softer, piecey look like Hawn has going on here.

4. Bangs: Brow-Grazing

"Brow-skimming bangs work great on more mature faces," says Shorter, adding that longer styles look fresh on younger faces. Grace & Frankie star Jane Fonda has been nailing the same fringe for decades now.

5. Bangs: Faux for Fun

If you've been on the fence about whether to get bangs or not, consider taking a cue from Gigi Hadid, who wore faux fringe to the MTV Movie Awards last year for a fun change of pace.

6. Bob: Blunt and Textured

The bob is a classic for a reason: It works on anyone and everyone, simply because there are so many variations of it out there. It also doesn't matter if you have fine or thick hair, as it's really all about the length and the hair all sitting in the same spot.

7. Bob: Choppy Layers

Rihanna wears her curly hair cropped with a sleek middle part and face-framing angles.