5 steps you have to know to care for a wig

Nowadays, wigs are becoming popular with more and more people. People choose wigs not just to cover their baldness, but more from the pursuit of beauty. A significant number of people browse a lot of wig website before buying, careful selection, finally happily bought a more satisfied wig. They were very delighted when they got the wig and immediately put it on. But the happy days only lasted for a few days and then disappeared, they found their wig become tangled or hair loss in the front of the wig. So they began to get frustrated and complain that they had bought a defective product. In fact, just as our skin needs to be cared for, so does the wig. Here are a few steps to wig care.

Step1:Turn the wig cap upside down, then check for any knots and gently comb through.

Step2-3:Put a moderate amount of common shampoo into the sink——Professional wig shampoo is recommended. And then you have to make it even.

Step4:Soak the wig in water for about 10 minutes. Never rub with your hands to avoid hair loss.

Step5:Then gently grasp the each strand of the wig with your hand, until the dirt is removed. This process suggests patience

That's all for this issue, and the last thing I want to remind you about is: for lace front wigs, please be extra gentle at the hairline because missing hairs in the front can be more noticeable.