A thick and beautiful long hair is a sign for girls, it can add a lot to your image. But for girls who want their hair to grow faster,  the speed at which it grows is not always satisfying. Here are some tips to help your hair grow faster.

1. Massage your scalp with ten fingers until you get hot. This will promote healthy and fast hair growth. Rub and massage scalp with both hands finger repeatedly in daily morning, evening. This can improve hair follicle nutrition already, be helpful for hair growth, still can prevent hair to become white, shed.

2. Washing your hair with beer also helps your hair grow faster. Rubbing your hair with beer will not only protect your hair, but also help your hair grow. Because beer contains a lot of nutrients, there are nutritional supplements for our hair, our heads and even our faces.

3. Swimming is also helpful. When swimming, water can moisten and massage the head, often swimming hair grows especially fast and thick.

4. Adequate sleep is a guarantee of  the body's normal metabolism. It can promote the normal skin and hair metabolism. The normal growth of hair can be promoted by full absorption of  nutritive material. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to hair loss, and it's best to get eight hours of sleep a day. Because the hair needs the nourishment of blood, and sleep is insufficient can consume the body blood, make the hair lack nutrient.

5. Last but not least, wash your hair regularly. Washing hair keeps your scalp clean. The hair can get benign stimulation during washing, which also can promote the growth of hair. But it's important not to wash your hair too often.