The Best Men’s Haircuts of 2018

Are you looking for a trendy new men’s hairstyle or cool men’s haircut to update your look?

Then you are in the right spot! In this guide we will help you find a brand new hair style to try out. These are the best hairstyles for men and haircuts to get right now in August 2018.

Okay, so let’s dive in and take a look at the best haircuts for men we have seen this year. Somewhere on this list there is a brand new haircut and men’s hairstyle combination for you to try out.

1. High Fade Quiff Haircut For Men

The quiff haircut has been a super popular men’s haircut choice the past couple years. With a high fade the cut puts the emphasis on messy textures and flow on top.

2. Modern Slicked Back Men’s Haircut

A great example of a classic slicked back look. But here the hair on top is left a bit more natural looking. This is not the traditional approach of styling with a shiny pomade. Rather the hair has been brushed back and blown dry with a hair dryer to give that natural flow and movement. Use a matte pomade.

3. Side Part Hairstyle For Men

A great looking side part men’s hairstyle. To get this look you will want to use a product that has a bit of shine. Work a small amount of a shiny pomade into damp hair. Comb into place. To get some extra body use a blow dryer.

4. Undercut + Messy Hair On Top + Long Fringe

One of the best undercuts we have ever seen. If you have an abundance of thick hair than this might be a good option. The hair on top is left to flow wildly. Undercuts are one of those men’s haircuts that continues to evolve into cooler new styles.

5. Long Fringe + Undercut

A cool version of the undercut. Here we have an asymmetrical look with the long fringe in front. Men’s haircuts with longer lengths in the front are on trend and very cool. They are like the modern version of the classic “skater haircut”.

6. Cool Long Hairstyle For Men

Another great haircut that does not feature a fade. Instead the hair on the sides has been trimmed neatly with scissors. Ultra long fringe in the front.

7. Textured Haircut

A super cool short textured haircut with a low fade and plenty of flow. Textured men’s haircuts are awesome because they give you more styling options. They can be worn neat and clean if you style with a comb or styled into a less refined messy hairstyle.

8. Shorter Textured Haircut + Long Fringe

Such a cool haircut. Messy medium textures on top give that spiky look. Fringe was kept longer. Another undercut with a very modern twist to it.

9. Spiky Quiff Haircut

Another great example of a quiff haircut. One of the most popular men’s haircuts we have seen the past couple years made popular by the likes of David Beckham. This one is on the shorter side. The textures give that spiky appearance on top. Use a medium to strong hold pomade to style the haircut into place.

10. Mid Fade Haircut

This haircut for men features a super clean mid fade on the sides and back. Perfectly blended into the short to medium length hair on top. A great cleaned up look for those of you that have thick, wavy or curly hair.

11. Low Fade Haircut + Wavy Hair

A low fade to the sides and back with medium hair on top left to flow however it wants.