Here’s What You Should Do With Your Hair This Fall

In need of a new look but unwilling to chop bangs? Take matters into your own hands with these five hair trends that celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins (the man behind Elizabeth Olsen and Alison Brie) thinks are going to be big for fall 2018. There’s something here for every length, texture, and skill level so start plotting your fall look now.

1. The Short Bob

The long bob has reigned supreme for far too long. Hawkins predicts that things are going to come up shorter when fall rolls around. “Stars like Emma Roberts, Yvonne Orji, and Sarah Paulson have chopped their locks chin length and are looking better than ever,” he says. Ask your stylist for a no-fuss, straight-across cut that will work with your natural texture. Be blunt, go blunt.

2. The Top Knot

There’s something classic about pairing a fall coat with a sleek top knot.  We’d have to agree. Gone are the days of the messy buns (sooo 2014)—now it’s all about the snatched look. Use tons of hair oil and pull your hair into a very high ponytail. Once it’s secured, twist and twist and twist until it’s taught . Then sculpt it into the top knot shape of your dreams. Secure with elastics and voila: a top knot so snatched, so perfect, you’ll be mistaken for a Mara sister.

3. The Sleek Low Braid

There is nothing chicer than a flawless shiny low ponytail or braid. The key to getting this look is to brush or comb your hair into a low ponytail when it's still wet. Working with a wet ponytail eliminates bumps and creates a super-smooth finish.

4. The Perm

The modern perm is more about beachy waves, fullness, and a loose curl. The new perm formula is also far less damaging than it was in the ‘80s—and stars like Emma Stone and Kerry Washington are spearheading this movement. Whether you need a little more volume or want to go full Carrie Bradshaw, a perm is a great option.

5. The '60s Flip

Inspired by Marlo Thomas’ classic ‘60s hairstyle, the modern flip is sleek, smooth, and flips out just as the ends. It’s the perfect romantic look for fall; just ask Lily Collins and Zendaya. If you’ve had beachy shoulder-to-medium-length waves all summer, this look will take the hair you’re already working with and add shape and dimension.