Summer is upon us, and that’s always synonymous with rushing to the salon for a fresh summer cut. Good news: You’re going to be obsessed with the summer haircuts of 2018. This year’s styles are all about ease, which couldn’t be more ideal. When you’re going from beach to barbecue or pool to wedding, you don’t have a second of summer sun to spare. With these laidback summer looks, you’ll look trendy but natural. Embrace the short summer cut with tousled pixies or go long and add fringe. From modern angular cuts to curly bangs, there’s a warm-weather style for every texture and length. Get your appointment on the calendar—summer is here, and you need to look and feel your best.

1. Asymmetric Cuts

Modern, angular styles that are slightly longer on one side or subtly longer in the front than the back are in. To pull it off without looking like you had an at-home haircut fail, be sure the ends are blunt and keep the length at a bob or lob that doesn’t pass the collarbone.

2. Curly Bangs

Curly bangs were once a haircut faux pas, but with shaggy styles coming into play in 2018, girls with any hair texture can get in on the fringy fun. From full bangs to a few wispy strands or center-parted curtain fringe, curly girls can rock any bangs style—as long as it’s cut by a professional stylist, not in your own bathroom.

3. Textured Pixie

Pixies don’t have to be smooth and tame. Choppy looks with mini layers and piecey textures are in. Don’t worry—the spiky pixies of the ’90s are not back. These textured pixies are more natural and easy, like you just ran your fingers through your hair. You might need some pomade to be sure your tousled style stays put.

4. Blunt, One-length Bob

Layers can overwhelm a short haircut, so we couldn’t be happier that blunt, one-length bobs are in. This ultra-mod look is fresh when worn sleek and straight and boho when worn wavy. Use a nourishing hair oil for smooth and shiny locks or a wave spray for beachy locks.

5. Micro Fringe

If done incorrectly, baby bangs can evoke images of the toddler who got ahold of Mama’s scissors when she wasn’t looking. If done properly by a professional stylish, mini fringe will look cool-girl edgy. Bonus: Micro fringe requires little to no styling, and it will still be on point with all the other bangs trends as it grows out.

6.The Laidback Farrah Fawcett

Swoopy curtain fringe of the 70s is back, but rest assured with much less volume. Smooth strands and center-parted wingy bangs look retro but not dated. Long bangs are easy to grow out without touchups, so this is a low-risk style to try for the season that will transition seamlessly into the next.

7.  Long Pixie

Long, grown-out pixies are in. Layered, tousled looks are especially trendy, so let it get long enough on top to add layers for dimension and texture. Stay short in the back for styling ease and to keep your neck cool, but play with pomades to add texture up top.

8. Wispy Bangs

Not quite as intense as straight-across blunt bangs but not quite as out of the way as curtain bangs, wispy bangs fall in a relaxed middle space. These laidback, noncommittal bangs don’t require much, if any, styling, depending on your hair texture. If you’re unsure about thick, pronounced bangs, try this easy fringe.