9 Hairstyles for Men in Their 40s

As you approach middle age, you may find that a lot of things in your life are changing your goals, preferences, ideas, priorities, and, of course, your body. Sometimes, you want the changes in your mind to be reflected in the way that you groom your appearance, but you're not always sure how to make that happen. Other times, you're just not sure how to physically accommodate your age.

We're here to offer some ideas to help you with that. This list compiles 9 hairstyles for men in their 40s and many of them could work well for men beyond their 40s as well.

1. Modest Cut

First of all, we have this modest cut. Whether or not your hair has begun turning gray, it says that you're responsible, sensible, and willing to work hard to do what you need to do. This is the haircut for someone who knows his priorities and sticks to them.

2. White-Haired Nice Guy

We realize that you may not yet have a head full of white hair, but on the other hand, some of you may. If so, use it to your advantage. Cuts like this simple yet pleasant help establish you as a friendly next-door type of guy, and there's nothing at all wrong with that.

3. Buzz Cut

Now we'll start addressing men who may be dealing with the beginnings of baldness (or simply love really short hair). If you can tell that you're already starting to lose your hair, you can beat it to the punch with a buzz cut. It's easy to maintain and looks effortlessly neat.

4. Receding with Widows Peak

Like a couple of two preceding examples, this haircut features short hair with a widow's peak, beating hair loss by making it look good. However, it doesn't quite qualify as a buzzcut. Regardless, the short hair accomplishes the same effect it just may require a bit more combing.

You know, though, if you don't quite want to accept your hair loss yet, there are things that you can do to try and fight it. On the other hand, here are some more ideas if you want to just go with the flow.

5. Combover with Volume

Of course, there are ways to play with combovers. This one has great volume, and the combover itself rises like a tide with several waves to settle smoothly on the head. It adds some interest to the basic idea behind this hairstyle great for any man who wants to look sensible yet still stand out.

6. Two-Toned with Combover

Again, your hair may or may not be graying, but if it is and simply hasn't made the full transformation, embracing both tones of your hair can be intriguing. In this example, the hair is brownish along the top but features gray around the sides. Two very different colors, one very stylish look.

7. Curly Cut

If you have curly hair and aren't losing it, you can continue to show off your curls. In keeping with your age and changing life, however, you may simply want to ensure that you maintain a sensible image by keeping the curls close to you. When they're short like this, they're easier to control, and they send the message that you have it all together.

8. Molded Curls

These curls, on the other hand, are just a tad bit longer, but they're clearly styled to look deliberate. It shows that the man is aware of himself and pays attention to detail. You might find the look suits you as well if you can relate.

9. Curly Undercut

This cut is fantastic for anyone who wants to beat their baldness (if it's starting in the lower regions of the head) or simply emphasize their curly top. It's a look that is typically reserved for younger generations, but you can still pull it off if you have curls like these.