6 Ultimate Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

Achieving a more oval, neutral appearance is the goal of every face shape, and here the mission is to make a long face appear wider. Check out these short hairstyles for long faces that are perfectly flattering.

1. Fun & Sassy

This look can play with different ways of styling. You'll love it for its fun and sassy.

2. Care Free

This look feels so carefree. The bangs add such a playful element tothe bluntness of the bob.

3. Claasic Textured Inverted Bob

This haircut is called a textured inverted bob. It is a classic cut that the edgy made by removing weight and texturizing.

4. Triangular Bob

This is a triangular bob with minimal layering and tons of texture for a relaxed appearence.

5. Sleek Yet Edgy

This style is the perfect, classic bob constructed with clean lines and precise angles. This keeps the look sleek while giving it a bit of edge.

6. Industrial and Edgy

I'd describe this look as industrial and edgy. It is inspired by steel and rust.